Welcome to the Ocean Reef Rod & Gun Club online, where you can find information about us and stay up to date on our fishing and shooting events at Card Sound Sporting Clays.  To keep in touch with you via email, make sure to update any changes to your e-mail address via your profile in the main ORC website directory or update us directly.

Feel free to send your updates, comments, requests or suggestions to 
ContactUs@RodandGun.org.  Also, if any Rod and Gun Club member wishes to post a family picture of recent target shooting event or fish catch on our website, send it along as well.  Let us know names and locations, and for fish catches, please tell us the species, size, and angler's name.

For Rod and Gun Club membership information

send us an e-mail ContactUs@RodandGun.org or give us a call at 305-367-3321.
Take care and tight lines.

Ocean Reef Rod & Gun Club